The training is closed to new students.

The Training will be held at a beautiful site on a hill overlooking the Bay Area. It will meet two times a year for the first three years: Summer 5 weeks/Winter 3 weeks. In the last year the training will be 8 weeks long. It is felt that the longer segments permit greater immersion in the learning process. The overall length of the Training will be 37 months.

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By Dennis Leri

The greatest of all pleasures is the pleasure of learning.
-- Aristotle

In fact, when one starts from the beginning, there is nothing to learn. There is everything to unlearn, but nothing to learn.
-- G. Spencer-Brown

We see things not as they are, we see things as we are.
-- Anaïs Nin

I am beginning a new Feldenkrais® Professional Training in Marin County in Northern California. It will most likely be the last that I both organize and educationally direct. I plan to make it special. It seems to me that a Feldenkrais®Training should demonstrate that know-how is inseparably connected to self-knowledge. While Moshe Feldenkrais always maintained that how an act is performed is more important than what is performed, I hold that who is acting is even more important. Knowing who we are in our role as practitioners leads directly to an increased ability to facilitate both learning and learning how to learn. Technical expertise, while essential, comes easily to those who understand the principles of the Feldenkrais Method® and who have internalized the training on their own terms and who have fun doing it.

Our marvelous capacity for adaptive learning is unparalleled. However, when encountering novel situations our previous habits of learning can work for us or against us. When it is necessary or desirable to adapt to change, the Feldenkrais Method® provides the means to know what to learn and how to learn it. By knowing how to access our nervous system's self-organizing processes -- through intention, attention and movement -- we can transform and refine our every activity. The goal of the SemioPhysics Feldenkrais Training is to introduce students to the deeply satisfying process of “learning how to learn.''

The Feldenkrais Method is beguilingly simple and versatile in application; to suit specific needs it is taught in two formats: Awareness Through Movement® group classes and hands-on individual Functional Integration® lessons. Sharing the same conceptual basis both approaches use the nervous system's ability to self-organize towards more effective and intelligent action. The Feldenkrais Method evokes and makes accessible each student's intelligence.

The SemioPhysics Feldenkrais Training is passionately committed to developing each student’s conceptual, experiential, verbal and non-verbal understanding. To facilitate learning the many different aspects of the Feldenkrais Method, course content will be explored in whole group, small group and individual one-to-one teaching modes. Student to student and student to teacher ratios will be constantly varied allowing participation in an open and intimate basis. The Training environment will be lively, non-competitive and supportive; it is assumed that students will progress at different rate. Students will expand and deepen their experiences of all aspects of the Feldenkrais Method by:

Exploring the common dynamics of Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration
Refining their sense of touch
Developing skills of self observation and observation of others
Learning to verbalize their understanding
Learning to translate their insights to teaching Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration

Dates and Times

The Training meets twice a year: five weeks each summer to provide time for immersion in the learning process and three weeks each January to insure continuity. To shorten the overall training length and reduce travel expense, the fourth year will be an eight week summer segment. The training is 40 days a year for total of 160 days. Class hours are 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm Mondays through Thursdays and 9 am to 1 pm Fridays to permit a long weekend. Dates generally exclude weekends and may change slightly depending on special events at the Unitarian Church training site.

Year 1: 18 June-20 July / 2012 7 January-25 / January 2013
Year 2: 17 June-19 July / 2013 6 January-24 / January 2014
Year 3: 16 June-18 July / 2014 5 January-23 / January 2015
Year 4: 8 June-31 July 2015

“Rather than dealing with our own or other people’s difficulties, which are artifacts of what we are enacting and perceiving, our task will be to recognize that we are dealing with action as cognition itself.”
--- Dennis Leri

Accreditation and Certification

The SemioPhysics Feldenkrais® Training Program is fully accredited by the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America. Graduates of the SemioPhysics Feldenkrais® Training Program will be eligible to become certified teachers of the Feldenkrais Method®. Diplomas may be honored worldwide.


The Training will be held in San Rafael in beautiful Northern California, 30 minutes from San Francisco and Berkeley, close to both hiking trails on Mount Tamalpais and pristine Pacific Ocean beaches. The Training site is tranquil, spacious and affords panoramic views of the surrounding countryside; it includes a garden, patio and kitchen. Virtual tour:

The Training is non-residential; assistance with carpooling is provided, as well as help in locating housing.


Dennis Leri, Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM and certified Feldenkrais Trainer is the Educational Director for the SemioPhysics Feldenkrais training. He has worldwide experience presenting the Feldenkrais Method in training programs, seminars and workshops. Dennis graduated from the first professional American Feldenkrais training (1975-1977) and he enjoyed an extended apprenticeship with Dr. Feldenkrais at the Feldenkrais Institute in Tel-Aviv, Israel. He has taught the Method for over 35 years. His accessible and challenging teaching style reflects his training in Western and Eastern philosophy, psychology, martial arts and poetics. His published articles on the Feldenkrais Method have been translated into several languages.

As Educational Director, Dennis will be at the Training during all segments. Other Trainers and Training staff will include Elizabeth Beringer, Russell Delman, Lawrence Wm. Goldfarb, Arlyn Zones, Deborah Bowes, Mary Spire, Carol Kress, Kathy Pinkos-James, Gay Sweet Scott and Karen Zindars.

“…health is the capacity to recover from shock and to realize unavowed dreams….”
-- Moshe Feldenkrais

PLEASE NOTE: Training programs are subject to cancellation with 30 days advance notice due to insufficient enrollment, teacher availability, and/or location availability. Participation in a training program does not guarantee graduation. Students may be asked to leave if their behavior compromises the learning of others. Accreditation of the program by the FGNA does not indicate that this program meets local or state laws for post secondary or vocational training.

The SemioPhysics Feldenkrais® Training does not guarantee that graduates of the training will be able to practice in states or countries where local laws, licenses and regulations may stipulate additional specific requirements.

Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration® lessons may not be offered professionally before receiving certification from the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America (“FGNA”). Interim student ATM® teacher authorization, if granted by FGNA, is only effective while enrolled in an accredited training program.

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